Designer Corsets

Hand made designer uk corsets

For the ultimate hourglass figure, indulge in a beautiful designer corset - one of the single most sought after erotic and attractive items of clothing a woman can buy. A corset will make you appear thinner, instantly. It's true. Authentic corsets are designed to reduce your waistline and flatten your stomach just by putting the corset on. The structure of a corset will put pressure on your waist which will push the skin and flesh up (and down) and away from the waist making you lose inches in a matter of minutes.

Vollers Corsets

We are proud to be working with Vollers Corsets, established in 1899 and worn by the likes of Madonna and Kylie. Renowned for their quality and timeless classics, Vollers Corsets are a luxury item which are made to order and will make you feel feminine.

Bridal Corsets

Treat yourself to a beautiful bridal corset for your special day (and night). Sumptuous satins and silks are used to create the perfect wedding corset. A corset will make you feel so good on your wedding day and just imagine your wedding night … candle light, soft music, subtly fragrant flowers … and your exquisite corset nipped in at the waist and laced all the way up the back. ?

Or for those nights out at a Burlesque party and those sensual and seductive nights in, accessorise your corset with our crystal skin wear collection to enhance, tease and titillate further.

Overbust Corsets

We have a range of over bust and under bust corsets in a variety of stunning designs and luxurious fabrics. Choose from a tight laced leather corset,a leather look corset Bes Corset, a sultry satin corset with frills, bows and ribbons, Burlesque corset, soft leather waspie, basque, plus many more.

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